Update for Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Hi Everyone!

We’re winding down our Geometry Unit. Only two more lessons’ including today’s! And tomorrow’s should be pretty easy – though today might be a little challenging, so it’s OK if today’s lesson takes today and tomorrow to do. After than I’m going to be giving some choice activities. Just before the March break we were working on a measurement unit, and it caused a lot of you some difficulty. That’s where we were finding the surface area of shapes and solids. So, I’ll be posting some lessons/activities on that. For others, I’ll post lessons from the remaining unit on probability (Unit 8 in the Jump Math book). You can choose what you feel would benefit you the most – or do both 🙂

In science today, I didn’t get a chance to record a talk-through of the lesson on radiation (heat – not nuclear) but I did find a video from a series I used to watch in the 80s to introduce the concept of radiation. There is also an optional interactive Gizmo that you can use to explore radiation on Explore Learning.

In language, I still recommend that you review the resources I shared on Friday and come up with a recommendation for the class. There are also two more Grammar Gap Fillers.

Office hours today are at 10:00 am. Hope to see you there! Have a great day!