Update for Tuesday, June 22

Good morning everyone!

First off – office hours update for Friday. Friday’s office hours will be from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. They’ve been standardized for the school to enable staff to participate in a couple of meetings on Friday. Friday was originally scheduled as a PA day, but was switched to an instructional day because of the school closures.

Report cards were uploaded yesterday and distribution for the whole board will begin today. I do not know when you will get your report card, but it should be by Friday.

In math, you can continue with your chosen strand. Kudos (congratulations) to those of you who are trying both the probability and the measurements strands. I hope the CEMC lessons are OK for you. I find them really well done, but if you’re trying their interactive activities (which you should be doing) and not being successful, let me know and we can see what needs to be done to help you out.

In Geography we’re looking at flow resources – resources that can be used when and where they’re found (i.e. sunlight is a flow resource because it’s only around for part of the day). If you can, I’d like you to try and calculate your freshwater footprint using an online calculator I’ve shared with you.

Finally, PE with Joe is winding down. He’s switching to a three day per week schedule. I don’t know how he did it, but ti was pretty amazing. Along the way he did a fundraiser for England’s Health Care service and raised over half a million dollars. So, feel free to jump into Joe’s back catalogue of workouts, or try something else on your own.

Have a great day! Office hours are at 2 PM this afternoon. No office hours this evening!