Update for Wednesday, June 24

Hi Everyone,

Some of you have been asking about the last day of school. Officially, the PA days that were scheduled for tomorrow and Friday have been cancelled, so they’re still school days (sorry). On Friday, I’ll have office hours from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, but after that, we’ve got staff meetings. I won’t assign anything new on Friday.

Others have asked why I’m still assigning work when report cards are already submitted. Well, we missed a lot of school this year and I’m trying to make sure that you have as many chances as possible to pick up learning that will benefit you for next year (and in general). How much of it you choose to do is pretty much up to you. I’m still available every day for office hours help and to answer questions or talk about things that come up through the work.

I will update the Learning at Home page on our classroom blog to provide links to activities/resources that you may find useful over the summer. Some of you may have heard that the math curriculum has been updated for next year. One of the new expectations is that you memorize your multiplication tables up to 12 x 12. Some of you have that – others don’t and it would be a great idea to practice them through games and other activities over the summer.

What else can you do over the summer? Read every day! Read a lot! Read different things! Take advantage of some of the free offers that I’ve already shared (Epic/Audible/etc.) or read up on current events using sites like CBC Kids news. If you’re on a screen, don’t just watch Zombie TV (that’s what I call the TV my kids watch while I’m running office hours with you), but look for documentaries, educational programs and current events that give you ideas to think about.

In math today, you’ve go the choice of probability or measurement activities. In our last assigned science reading, we’re looking at global warming and alternative energy sources. In language, we’ve got our second last Grammar Gap filler. You may want to save some of those cheat sheets so you have access to them next year.

Hope you have a great day today and to see some of you during office hours at 10:00 am.