Update for June 25, 2020

Good morning everyone!

If we were at school today, we’d be spending the morning cleaning the classroom. You’d probably be recycling a lot of paper that you never want to see again, and someone would find a rotten lunch in their locker that they’d forgotten about. Unfortunately, we’re at home, and I’m still giving you work. I know – I’m awful.

In math, it’s your choice… pick any interactive lesson from the CEMC and try it out. It could be something you found really difficult this year, or it could be something that you enjoy and just want more of. I’m kind of working on that myself – learning to use GeoGebra to develop more interactive math tasks that we can use in the classroom. Who knows, with the addition of coding to the curriculum, maybe I’ll be teaching students to make interactive math activities next year.

In geography, I’m asking you to ready about the challenges some people face accessing clean water and having clean air to breathe. The textbook identifies problems in developing countries, but here in North America, we face our own issues too, so I’ve included a couple of YouTube videos that you might watch about the water issues Indigenous Peoples in Canada face, as well as the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, USA.

It’s the last Grammar Gap filler in Language. One thing I’ve learned is that I’m going to use these a lot earlier on next year. I think they would have been very helpful to some of you in improving your writing earlier.

Office hours today will be at 2:00 PM, and tomorrow will be at 9:00 AM.