Update for September 16

Today was our first day with a full class. It was great to have more students in the class and see and hear them talking to each other.

In math today, we took on a challenge called Growing Shapes. We looked at many different ways of imagining and naming the growing patter. I left students with the challenge of trying to use what they noticed about the growing pattern to develop a strategy to figure out how many squares would be in the 100th case. They can work on this for homework. We will discuss what they found out tomorrow.

How many blocks would there be in the 100th case?

In history, we began with a discussion about what history is, why we should study it and how we know what we know about the past.

In PhysEd, we began our personal fitness unit with a self-assessment. You may have seen us going around the walking path beside the school. One of the things that we are still getting used to is maintaining a physical distance between students of 2 m when outside. Students are permitted to take their masks off when they are outside and able to maintain a 2 m separation. Some students are not comfortable taking their masks off and that’s OK too. I only ask that everyone participate to the best of their ability under the conditions we have to deal with.

In reading we started an interactive read-aloud based on the novel Refugee. We identified the necessary conditions for thinking while reading and made many connections to background knowledge and sometimes family experiences.

We also worked on some community building activities within the classroom. We want to build a community where we respect each other, feel seen and contribute to each other’s positive school experience under challenging conditions.