Update for Thursday, September 17

School start up packages have been sent home today. Please review, sign and send back as soon as possible.

In math, we continued with our Week of Inspirational math and made use of a couple of new tools to help us show our work. Brainingcamp has a collection of virtual manipulatives that student can use to show their work/thinking and play around with mathematical ideas. Knowledgehook allows them to share their work with me and the class. We’ll continue on with our patterning work tomorrow.

We had a huge phys-ed period (100 minutes) and used it to improve on our personal fitness assessments yesterday. We were much improved in our physical distancing! We also looked at the components of fitness and practiced some of the activities that we can use to test our fitness over the coming weeks.

In language, we did some community building activities and continued on with our First 20 Days of Reading and Writing program.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!