Update for Wednesday, September 23

We are wrapping up our Week of Inspirational Math and students should be sharing the results of their last assignment tomorrow. They were assigned the task of sharing a graph that communicated something along two axis. You can download the graph we used as an example in class below to see the kind of product I’m expecting from students.

In history, we continued our discussion about why it was important to study history and discussed the difference between primary and secondary sources when investigating history. Students have a short assignment that will allow them to demonstrate they understand the difference between primary and secondary sources.

In language, I distributed Android tables that students can use to supplement the computers we have in class. I have enough tablets for each student to have their own while we occasionally need to share computers (I use an alcohol wipe on a computer before it’s shared). These are better than the computers for taking photos of students’ work that’s done on paper and upload it to Google Classroom. They can also use it if they happen to be the person who does not have a personal computer on a specific day.

In PhysEd, we continued working on our individual fitness unit. Students appeared to do better in their 12-minute walk/run self-assessment than last week. They are self assessing by measuring the distance they walk/run over the 12 minutes and also recording their heart rate.

Please try and return the student index cards and start up package as soon as possible. If you haven’t yet indicated your consent for the use of the various digital tools that I’ve requested (or didn’t get the email), you can find it here.