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Report Card Info

Hi Everyone,

We did get some report card information at our meeting. I’ve attached the letter that should be going to your parents as well.

Parents: If you didn’t get this letter yet, ask your child to log into their Google Classroom and look for the original version of this post where I’ve attached the letter

A few highlights that are going to be relevant to you…

Grades will be determined based on their learning from the beginning of Term 2, February 3 to March 13, 2020. So, as I’ve already mentioned, your grades will not have gone down based on our time when we’ve been working from home. For some of you, who have been active and engaged, you may find that your grades have gone up a little bit.

The mark “I”:
In several cases you will have gotten the mark “I” instead of a number grade. This is for two main reasons. If we started a unit AFTER the March Break, you will get an I. I know many of you worked hard, and where that is the case, I have tried to include that information in the comment section of the report card. In other cases, such as health, where we only had a couple of lessons (due to job action, weather, and the school closure), I didn’t feel I had enough information to give you a valid mark.

It’s important to know that “I” doesn’t mean you didn’t do a good job or understand the material that we covered. It just means that there is insufficient evidence for me to put a grade in.

Report Card Delivery:
You will be getting an ELECTRONIC COPY of your report card. The details haven’t been shared with me yet about HOW it will be delivered, but delivery will begin on the 23rd of June and may take a few days. All students/families should get their report cards by the 26th. You will be notified when your report is ready and how to access it.

All I have right now is what’s in the letter. If I find anything else out, I will pass it along to you as soon as possible.

Math Update: Fri., Nov. 29

We are moving along well in our Geometry Unit. We will have a small quiz on Tuesday to confirm what I’m seeing in terms of student understanding. Today we worked on Perpendicular Bisectors of Line Segments (Pages 107 – 108).

Note: I plan to finish marking the Number Sense/Fractions tests over the weekend and hand them back Monday.

In addition to the Geogebra tool that I shared earlier in the week, there is a fun geometry game that might help reinforce students thinking around the concepts we are covering. It’s called Euclidea and it’s available online and for iOS and Android. The games and puzzles in this app go far beyond what we do in Grade 7 math, but it is really fun to play (parents and guardians may have a lot of fun too!). There are tutorials through the game and usually a variety of ways to solve each puzzle. The app is free, though there are in-app purchases available (purchases allow you to advance through the game without solving puzzles in the most efficient way). If you play online, there are no restrictions.

Reminder: Math Quiz Tuesday

The math quiz on Tuesday will cover Jump Math lessons NS7-18 to NS7-26 (Pages 72 – 86).


  • Understanding fractions (parts of a whole, numerator, denominator, etc.)
  • Mixed numbers
  • Improper fractions
  • Converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions
  • Comparing fractions (with same numerator, with same denominator)
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Comparing fractions using equivalent fractions

Upcoming Math Test

On Friday, November 1, we will have a test to end our second unit. The test will cover content from the Jump Math book between pages 22 and 50 with the exception of Lessons 12 and 13 (pages 43 – 45).

In general the second quiz was well done, but many students will want to practice “undoing” equations to solve and find the value of the variable. Lessons 9, 10 and 11 (pages 39 – 42) cover two strategies for solving these kinds of problems. Students can draw out an equation on a balance or “undo” it be working backwards.

There are a couple of worthwhile resources to check out that might be helpful in reviewing this content:

  1. University of Waterloo’s Open Courseware – Representing Sequences Using Equations
  2. Khan Academy’s Patterning and Algebra (Ontario Grade 7) – Variables and Expressions
  3. has several versions of appropriate practice sheets (and solutions) here and here.

Math For Tuesday

Today we started looking at translating algebraic expressions into word problems and interpreting word problems as algebraic expressions. Pages 46 to 48 can be completed as homework (but we will work on them before the TSO trip tomorrow who don’t finish).

You may have noticed that we skipped lessons 12 and 13. Students who wish to, can work through these lessons independently.

Reminder that there will be a second Patterning and Algebra Quiz on Thursday (covering lessons 7 – 14 – but not 12 and 13).

We will have a final unit test on Tuesday next week.

Math Test Update

Students will be bringing home their math test to have it signed. Although many students did very well, there are some students who were not as successful as they’d hoped they would be. The content for this test was all from Grade 6 and matched the work that they did in class. Students who used their Jump Math books to study and practice (as they were advised to do) were better prepared and did better on the test.

Students will have additional opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts addressed on this test through smaller quizzes. These will (hopefully) positively impact their report card mark.

I will be giving more frequent quizzes to allow students more opportunities to check their understanding and hopefully encourage them to address concepts that they may not have grasped to the degree they believed they had.

We took up the test today and addressed many of the concepts that proved challenging. Our daily review this week will cover Order of Operations. Please see this post to review things that you can do at home to practice.

EQAO Results

June 2019 EQAO individual results are being sent home with students today.