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Podcasting: Episode 1

In preparation for our Podcasting unit, we listened to and discussed an episode of Tai Asks Why. It tied in nicely with the ideas around sustainability that we talked about in Science class today.

We also got to hear a few students’ historical monologues. Thanks for sharing!

Thursday, September 26, 2019


We continued our focus on multiplication today by looking at ways to break multiplication problems into smaller parts. This extends the work we did yesterday, by removing the rectangle/area model and asking students to identify that 3 x 27 is the same as (3 x 20) + (3 x 7). Students should finish Page 17 in their Jump Math Books.


We looked at the role of the M├ętis as important peoples in opening up Canada and supporting the fur trade. In preparation for this afternoon’s run, we also looked at what Terry Fox accomplished during his Marathon of Hope and considered his legacy and how it has impacted Canadians.


The Terry Fox run was on, then off, then on, so we had a bit of a mixed up afternoon. Eventually, we got our run/walk in.