Category: Media Literacy

The Power of Podcasting

Today we considered the power of podcasting and the responsibility of podcasters (and other social media content creators) to create content that is respectful. Podcasting can be used to amplify voices to an audience that simply wasn’t possible for an individual, before the age of the internet. 1 person, sitting in their basement, could potentially reach millions of listeners. That can be a good thing, when it allows us to think about the experience and points of view of others who may have different experiences than us. However, it can also have powerful negative effects when podcasters use their voice to spread messages of hate or when they mock others. We talked about our responsibility make sure that the content we produce is respectful to our school community and reflects all of us in a positive light.

In order to get a handle on what makes a good podcast, we listened to two short podcasts (from Kind World and Hidden Brain), listed what made them interesting and compared them to find the similarities and the differences. For students who have perhaps already started digging into their podcasts, it may have made them rethink the direction they’re heading a little bit and also what extra features they might want to include to make sure their podcast is engaging.

Podcasting: Episode 1

In preparation for our Podcasting unit, we listened to and discussed an episode of Tai Asks Why. It tied in nicely with the ideas around sustainability that we talked about in Science class today.

We also got to hear a few students’ historical monologues. Thanks for sharing!