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Dental Screening

Letter from the Health Unit regarding dental screening was sent home today.

Important: TSO Trip Permission Form

Mr. Neufeld visited our class this morning with permission forms for the TSO Trip tomorrow (Wednesday, October 23). THEY MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED TOMORROW TO GO ON THE TRIP. Even if you gave permission on School Cash Online, you need to return the form.

If your child forgot to bring the form home, you can print and complete the form by clicking here (log in via their YRDSB G Suite account).

If you are unable to print the form, please send me an email indicating your child’s name and your contact information and telling me that they have permission to participate.

Math Test Update

Students will be bringing home their math test to have it signed. Although many students did very well, there are some students who were not as successful as they’d hoped they would be. The content for this test was all from Grade 6 and matched the work that they did in class. Students who used their Jump Math books to study and practice (as they were advised to do) were better prepared and did better on the test.

Students will have additional opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts addressed on this test through smaller quizzes. These will (hopefully) positively impact their report card mark.

I will be giving more frequent quizzes to allow students more opportunities to check their understanding and hopefully encourage them to address concepts that they may not have grasped to the degree they believed they had.

We took up the test today and addressed many of the concepts that proved challenging. Our daily review this week will cover Order of Operations. Please see this post to review things that you can do at home to practice.

EQAO Results

June 2019 EQAO individual results are being sent home with students today.

First Day

I hope everyone had a great first day. I really enjoyed the “This or That” activity in the afternoon, as well as seeing how you considered what the act of “Thinking” actually entailed.

Parents/guardians – please ensure that you complete the school year package that was sent home with your child. The first two pages are the most important and MUST be returned to the school as soon as possible.