One of the challenges at my house is to keep everyone physically active. There are so many benefits to being physically active that are important for all of us (adults and kids alike). Physical activity also helps improve and protect our mental health (which is more important now that we’re physically and socially distancing ourselves – and stuck in one place most of the time for many of us). I know I’ve posted links in the past to GoNoodle, but at my house, I’ve found it annoying to keep having to switch videos (because so many are short – although the Indoor Recess channel has more longer videos) and let’s face it, you only want to listen to that music so many times.

This morning I found P.E. with Joe and it seems to be a good option for a family friendly indoor workout. He does a good job describing the activities and offers different ways to do several of them for higher or lower intensity. You can subscribe to his channel for updates here. [Disclaimer: I can’t be responsible for all the content on his channel and I haven’t been through it all, but a quick review makes me think this will be OK]

If you have another family friendly YouTube channel for exercise that you’d like to share, please send me a link via email or have your child send it to me.