Update for Monday, June 15, 2020


Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoyed your weekend. Not a lot of the school year left and this is one for the history books.

Today’s math isn’t difficult, but it’s time consuming and you’ll need to pay attention to where you’re placing your points, and creating lines. Read carefully to make sure you’re paying attention to what’s being asked. If you don’t have grid paper at home and can’t print out the grids that I’ve shared, I’ve also created grids you can use on GeoGebra.

In science, we’re going to start looking at how heat is transferred. A key idea to keep in mind is that heat is transferred – not cold. For example if you drop ice cubes into a cup of lemonade, the heat from the lemonade is transferred to the ice cubes. The cold is not transferred to the lemonade. The effect is the temperature of the lemonade drops as it loses heat energy to the ice cubes and the ice cube’s temperature increases (leading to melting) as it gains heat energy from the lemonade. There is an interactive experiment that you can complete using the Explore Learning Gizmos to investigate conduction and convection. We’ll use some of our Office Hours time today and tomorrow to explore that Gizmo.

In language, I’d still like you to explore some of the resources that I shared on Friday. I’ve posted a couple more grammar activities as well. I hope you all have a great day!

Office hours today are at 10:00! See you then πŸ™‚

Update for Friday, June 12, 2020

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday!

From the people I spoke to, it seems like you were able to work through the math problems yesterday, so we’re going to move forward into the next Geometry unit. Today’s work in the Jump Math book should be relatively quick after you complete the interactive lesson.

Like most Fridays, today is a day to catch up in Science and/or Geography if you need to.

In Language, I’ve shared a couple of collections of books. One collection was put together by Ms. Reid and Ms. Armstrong in recognition of National Indigenous History Month and the other was put together by a couple of TDSB teachers, responding to current events. Most of the books/resources are linked to YouTube read-alouds. I’d like you to explore some of these and see if there’s one that you would recommend to others in the class.

I hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Office Hours are at 10:00 am today.

Update for Thursday, June 11, 2020

Good morning everyone!

A reminder that I won’t be able to run the 2:00 PM Office Hours today. I will see you at 7:00 PM for that set of Office Hours.

In math, we’re on the last activity for our Integers unit. Today you’ll be doing a series of word problems and you’ll have to use what you’ve learned through the unit to solve them. In my opinion (having done all of the questions), this is reasonable for one day, BUT if you find it’s taking too long and you need another day for it, let me know.

In Geography we’ll be looking at soil as a renewable resource, how we use it, and misuse it. We’ll also consider food security (how accessible healthy and affordable food is to people). Please respond to the discussion question about reducing food waste.

In Language, there are two new Grammar Gap fillers. Make sure you keep reading every day! I haven’t seen many people making use of Epic.

Office Hours at 7:00 PM only today. I will be accessible by email if you need anything.

Skills Ontario Virtual Summer Camps

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a message from Skills Ontario about Virtual Summer Camps you may be interested in. Please note that these camps ARE NOT run by the York Region District School Board. The YRDSB does partner with Skills Ontario for several events throughout the regular school year. I am unable to answer questions about the camp. There is an email contact in the message below and I’ve included the link to the website.

Skills Ontario is pleased to offer our Summer Camps virtually, and is thrilled to announce that registration is now open! Through this program, campers will be led through fun skilled trade and tech-related activities and virtual tours by Skills Ontario staff and volunteers/partners! Over seven weeks, students entering grades 7, 8, and 9 all across the province can select and participate in skilled trade and technology workshops that interest them. With 191 experiential learning sessions across 32 different subjects, students are encouraged to sign up for multiple activities, workshops, presentations, and panels that pique their interest. Please feel free share the link with students and parents/guardians, and visit www.skillsontario.com/camp for details on registration! If you are interested in camps for French-speaking students, please contact mlinklater@skillsontario.com. We’re looking forward to another Summer Camp season through which we can support and encourage youth as they explore the skilled trades and technologies!

Update for Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a chance to sign up to go into the school and pick up your stuff next week. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, see the post below, or have your parents see Edsby. They are using the Parent/Teacher Interview function of Edsby to set up time slots to come into the school, but these will not be interviews. I will not be at the school during this time.

In math today, you’re going to look at two more strategies for subtracting integers. You might be asking yourself – why are we learning so many ways to do this one thing? The answer is because subtracting negative integers is confusing for a lot of people. Although you may have figured it out – your classmates may not have. Now, if you get confused by these “new” methods of subtracting integers, stick with what you know and work through the questions with a strategy you are familiar with. One method not taught in the book that many students have said was effective was using the “Integer Chips” on Explore Learning. I’ve made a video demonstrating how you can do this on paper – avoiding the hassle of logging in and needing a computer. Tomorrow, we’ll be applying everything you’ve learned about integers to word problems.

In science we’re going to begin looking at heat in the environment. It’s our last unit and while we won’t get as in depth as we would have if we hadn’t missed so much school this year, we will do an overview of the important idea. I’m asking you to read two sections today because the topics should be familiar AND try the interactive lessons/quizzes on BrainPop that go along with these readings. You’ll also have one question to describe your own experiences with heating and cooling.

In language, I’m giving two more Grammar Gap fillers.

Office hours are at 10:00 this morning! See you there πŸ™‚

Update for Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Good morning everyone!

I finally have information on when you can pick up your things and return your instruments/library books etc. Many of you or your parents would have received notifications through Edsby about this process yesterday, but I want to make sure no one misses it, so I’ve included it the information below. I will not be at the school when you are picking your things up, but I will be going in on Thursday this week. If there is anything you think I might need to find for you, please let me know and I will try and leave it in a visible location.

In math, we are continuing our work on subtracting integers. A couple of you contacted me yesterday to say how confusing that was. We will go through it during Office Hours this afternoon and look at a couple of different models of subtracting integers. Once you find a model that works for you, stick with it πŸ™‚

In geography, we’re going to look at what renewable resources are through the lens of three types of renewable resources that are important to Canada. Please note that we are not necessarily talking about renewable energy (like solar power and wind power). I have shared a few videos where famous actors personify some of our planet’s natural resources. You should watch these powerful videos to gain an understanding of the related task in language.

In language, I’d like you to write a paragraph as if you were a natural resource (similar to the videos). Tell me about why you’re important to life on earth (including humans and other living things), how you might be harmed by human activity and what we can do to look after you better. There’s also a new Grammar Gap Filler activity.

Office Hours are at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM today.

Picking Up/Dropping Off Student Material

Hi Everyone,

You or your parents/guardians may have got a message from Edsby yesterday about coming in to the school to pick up your stuff on June 16 and 17 (next week) . Please check with your parents/guardians to ensure they have received this message – particularly if you have younger siblings who will need to go to the school with an adult. Grade 7 and 8 students are able to come to the school and pick up their things on their own. Note that no additional family members will be allowed in the school during this time. That means that it is one student and one adult only (Grades K – 6) and one student and one adult OR one student by themselves for grades 7 and 8. I will not be at the school during this time.

If your parents are having difficulty signing up for a time slot to come and pick up your things, you should email teston.village.ps@yrdsb.ca to ask for assistance.

If you are currently using a school Chromebook and you are returning to a YRDSB school in the fall, please keep your laptop for use over the summer. If you are not returning to a YRDSB school in September, you must return all YRDSB technology (e.g., laptop, Chromebook, etc.). All students are expected to return the following items which belong to the school:

  • School library books
  • Teacher classroom library books
  • Classroom supplies
  • Musical instruments that belong to the school
  • Textbooks
  • Athletic uniforms and equipment
  • Anything else that is property of the YRDSB.

I have included all of the attachments that appear on Edsby below (in the original Google Classroom post) so you can share them with your parents/guardians if they have been unable to access them. Note that the file that says “Urdu Letter to Families re Student Material Retrieval Return Process” is in both English and Urdu.

Update for Monday, June 8, 2020

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a great weekend!

We’re going to wrap up integers by Friday and we’re starting with subtracting integers today. Subtracting integers can lead to counter-intuitive results (it means that the results aren’t likely what you think they’re going to be) so it’s important that you pay attention to the full lesson and try the interactive elements to check your understanding. Continue to practice using the integers games site I linked until you understand these rules very well.

In Science, we’re getting close to wrapping up our unit on Pure and Mixed Substances. Today you’re going to look at a couple of ways to separate solutions and read an overview of some of the ways that mixtures are used in different industries (or the ways that industries take mixtures and create pure things from them that can be used for different purposes).

In Language, I’ve shared an article/video on why #BlackLivesMatter is important and what you should know. I really wish we were in class to have a discussion on this topic. Some of you have shared thoughts on the demonstrations that you’ve seen in Canada, the United States and around the world and I just wanted to open up a space for all of us to acknowledge it, and engage in thinking about it. If you would like to share your thoughts with the class on this topic, please let me know and I will help you do so.

It looks like a great week ahead weather-wise, so I hope you can enjoy some time outside. I hope you have a great day today. Office hours will be at 10:00 this morning!

Update for Friday, June 5, 2020

Happy Friday Everyone!

Like most Fridays, this is a bit of a catch-up day for Science and Geography. Take the time to finish off things that you haven’t completed yet.

In math, we’re going to be adding integers. We’re going to cover two lessons, but I think they’re pretty straightforward. There is a quiz for each lesson. In in addition to the lesson I’ve recorded, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you try the University of Waterloo’s interactive lesson on adding integers. It’s smart to get multiple perspectives on learning.

I’ve added a couple more grammar activities for you to try out in Language.

Office Hours this morning are at 10:00 am. See you then!

Update for Thursday, June 4

Good morning everyone!

I hope you were able to enjoy the great weather yesterday. Today looks like a pretty good day too!

It’s hard to believe that we’re coming to the end of the year. The last few months have been very difficult for some of us, incredibly boring for others, and not what any of us expected back in September. I’ve been hearing intermittently from some of you about things that work well for this learning at home, and other things that don’t. I’ve got some of my own ideas too and one of the things I’m starting to think about is preparing for next fall and what I might need to have in place in case this happens again. So, over the next week or so, before “summer staycation” hits, I’d like you to think about advice you would give me, or other students if we have to do this again in the future. I may make this a more formal “assignment” but if you can give me some things to focus the assignment on via email that will help.

In math today, we’re going to continue our introduction to integers. It’s important that you watch the lesson from the University of Waterloo to help develop your understanding of integers. It’s linked in the assignment. I don’t think the actual work will take most of you that long.

In geography, we’re moving into the part of the unit where we examine how people can make decisions and take action on caring for our natural resources.

In language, I’ve shared a couple of grammar activities. I’d planned on including these in an integrated writing unit throughout the year, but it just didn’t work out the way I’d planned. There is a quiz to test yourself for each of these activities, but the results aren’t sent to me. They’re just for you to work on improving your grammar.

Office Hours today are at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Hope to see some of you there!